Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Dingle... An Daingean

What I miss about home is... Dingle. But the old Dingle, An Daingean as we say in the mother tongue. Its all change now though. A tourist town, not the fishing port and west coast village that it used to be, At least not as I see it.

Ice Cream

Hot Dogs

Chilli Dogs


Fish and Chips

On my first visit to Dingle, I was 16 or 17. It was a school trip, we stayed in Dun Chaoin for three days and hiked around the area. I found a horse shoe by an old stone wall. Little did I know that I would marry a girl from the Kerry, but I did. Maybe the horseshoe brought me that piece of  luck!

We all change. I guess Dingle, An Daingean, can be no exception. It can't be all open fires and soda bread baking with a drop of poitin on the side board under the glare of a Child of Prague. If only.

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