Saturday, 12 June 2010

Blackrock Baths

What I miss about home is... Blackrock Baths. We used to swim here when we were kids. Built by the railway company in 1839 for the locals. Use declined in the 60's, partly due to heated indoor pools, where most of us learnt to swim. In the late 1980's the baths closed and were been sold to a developer, whom I believe is considering high rise flats...
Blackrock Baths #1
Blackrock Baths #2
We would sit on the timber slats on the tnad and watch the other swimmers. The water was cold, and there was the occassional piece of green seaweed floating by... The seats are long gone, the windows to the dressing rooms have all been smashed and the place is covered in graffiti, some of it not very savory.
Blackrock Baths #3
We never jumped off the top diving board, but we did off the bottom one; great memories, that sadly can never be re-lived. I can even taste the sea water...

Blackrock Baths #4


  1. Hi Noel.

    Once again I'm reminded of home with your post. There was a similar pool in Bangor, Co. Down (our sort of equivalent to Blackpool) called the Pickie Pool (no idea why). Thankfully I never had the experience of swimming there!
    Like Blackrock Baths it had been there for years (Victorian I think) but was demolished in the late 80's / early 90's when Bangor's harbour front was transformed into a posh Marina.



  2. Hi David,

    thanks for commenting... thats an odd name; Pickie Pool...makes you wonder.

    We are still awaiting the transformation of Blackrock baths, but a mile or so down the coast at Dun Laoghaire the harbour is completely transformed from what I remember as a kid... I sound just like my Dad there!

    all the best